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Let ESP work for you

Let ESP work for you - Patsy Ruth Welding Read this a long time ago, currently reading again. This book helped me learn psychic skills. It may be too "motherly" or whatever for some folks, but I really liked it.Mrs. Welding was a retired secretary for the Clark County school district in Las Vegas, and she passed away in 2008, at the age of 83. She was not as famous as some other psychics, and apparently didn't see the need to gain a huge amount of fame or fortune. She didn't even charge money to her "clients."Although, in her book she does talk about how she used her skills to get a ring, a mink stole, and a car. She predated the current popularity of the Law of Attraction, but her book has very little rigamarole; just, "Ask yourself why you want ESP, here are some exercises to develop it." surrounded by a *lot* of stories from her own practice.That's the way the old-school metaphysical books used to be, I think. A lot of stories that went, "Here's what happened when "Jim", a young accountant, came to see me..." This book is very much in that vein.