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The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur - Mike Michalowicz Strong language and plain talk may be just the kick in the rear you need to get started!Warning: This book contains cuss words. Not something you expect from a business book. Business people are supposed to be button-down, professional, projecting an image at all times. However, this book speaks plainly, using language most of us use, and leaves behind stuffy business jargon and concepts that business newbies probably wouldn't know. The result is a book that pulls no punches and challenges us to move on what we do know.Throughout this eBook are sprinkled tips to help entrepreneurs with practical ideas to run start-ups. You are taught the basics about formulating your vision and plans for a company, how to deal with funding a company and dealing with investors (Michalowicz maintains that these should be kept to a bare minimum, if used at all), as well as a few ideas for how to run the money side of the business.One important thing I want to let people know about this eBook, which I've seen discussed on some of the Kindle boards: This is an extremely well written, well edited piece of writing. The author acknowledges the team behind this publication, and their work definitely shows. A very pleasant thing when you often see Kindle eBooks that sorrowfully forgo any editing at all.