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The Witch And Wizard Training Guide

The Witch And Wizard Training Guide - Sirona Knight Well, it didn't COMPLETELY suck, I guess it was kind of mediocre the whole way through, with a few moments, where I said to myself, "Weeell, I wouldn't tell new pagan seekers stuff like THAT..."Things like saying that wood for a new wand absolutely must be gotten by taking it straight off a living tree (I've actually gotten a few nice wands from tree limbs that had fallen off a tree or were cut by a gardener, etc--I personally feel taking straight from the tree would be an act of violence, but that's just me.)And while there's no reason you can't make "potions" in a blender, it came off as looking like so many fruit smoothie recipes (again, no reason you can't make a magical smoothie) rendering it a little silly.The part I had the biggest problem with was the fact she teaches love spells to newbies without any discussion about the ethics of love spells. Just, boom here's a love potion. This book was very obviously written to capitalize on the Harry Potter phenomenon, (indeed, she dedicates the book to her husband, son, and J. K. Rowling and the readers of HP) and I would rate this as a one and a half star book rather than a true two stars.