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This Week in Reading News:

While walking dogs last week I met a woman who had managed to achieve something I found really remarkable:  she was actually reading while walking a dog.  Now, I've seen and marveled over folks that could read and walk at the same time, I've even tried it myself (and determined it was not for me.)


But reading and dog walking is a singularly high level skill, I'm sure.  There are a whole other set of things to deal with, besides getting run over by a car, there's things you can step in, cats that might get chased, and if you manage to do it without getting knocked over or hurt, my hat is off to you.


So I decided that if I ever see this woman again in the neighborhood, I'll ask her what she's reading, because it must be some awesome reading material.  This time it was Dorothy Dunnett, so I made sure I put that on my "to read" list...


I recently did a book review for Hay House, and here it is, if you'd like to read it:




Seems like a really cool way to get free books.


And speaking of free books, I guess I won a contest back there, because I was pleasantly surprised when I got Lauren B. Davis' book "Our Daily Bread" in the mail!  After reading the first chapter, folks, this looks like a barn-burner of a book!  Can't wait to review it here--what a cool way of discovering an author.