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You know you maybe have a problem reading too much when...

You don't go to work simply because you're at the library and you just don't feel like leaving.


This happened on Tuesday.


For some reason, probably because I had stayed up really late the night before and my judgement was cloudy, it was more important to stay in the chair and skim/read Pete Townsend's autobiography.  I did read just about all of it in one sitting, but it wasn't really that remarkable.


Again, was drawn to this book because I'm a fan of the Who.  Pete himself wasn't really happy being in the Who during its later years.  There was the usual rock star "Took these drugs, bedded this girl" stuff, and there was also some "Keith Moon was often irritating, but I loved him anyway." stuff--you'd be irritated with his antics sometimes too, if he'd blown out your eardrums with too much gun powder in an exploding drum kit.  And set fire to your hair.


On the whole though, kind of a flat, boring book.  After his book, "Horse's Neck" and his catalog of musical work, I guess I expected a little more.